How to become a member.

There are two ways to gain a membership

Firstly you can be vouched by an existing member. This can be via PM or on the phone, but the existing member must contact us and let us know that they do indeed know you and vouch for you.

Secondly all members may bring a guest to Twisted Towers. You can only come as a guest once, and if you want, then you can become a member either at the time or on your next visit.

What does membership give you?

Well quite simply – it allows you to come to our other events. Our Shenanigans parties, and other events that will be posted.

What do we need from you?

Well its simple, all we need is:

Your name

Your fet name

Your address.

We will also need to see ID that proves you are over 21. This can be a diver’s licence, a bank card and statement, passport or a birth certificate. Citizens cards are also acceptable. If you are not sure on ID then please do get in touch.

You will be sent a digital form to fill in which will ask the above.

Your ID is not copied in any way – its simply checked visually to make sure its valid and given back. The only data we will hold is the above.

By being issued with a membership card you are agreeing to the house rules.

We will only ever contact you if we need to adjust or cancel a private booking.

Data Safety.

We are ICO registered as a Data Controller (available upon request) and fully compliant with GDPR rules.

Our servers are enterprise servers and are located in the UK and are continuously backed up using R1Soft/Idera Continuous Data Protection.

All data is passed via a 256bit SSL encrypted connection which is ISO recognised.

All information is stored on a custom database which only we can access also via an encrypted password system.

Only 2 members of staff have access to the system, and this can only be done via a private wired network connection.

No data is ever stored on site.