If you have been on the Internet you will have found a wealth of information on BDSM and Alt Lifestyles. Some sites are amazing and some not so good. You may have discovered the same. But there is a massive, massive problem out there in Internet land. It’s almost impossible to determine what information is useful and what isn’t.

We want to change that.

We want to create a safe place – a refuge where people can learn.

The idea is that we become an information and learning centre. Where people can come and learn all about safe practice and the more wonderful side of bdsm and alternative lifestyles. We will be a centre for all.

We are talking to guest speakers, toy makers, Doms, subs, relationship specialists, Masters, Mistresses, Dommes, creators, photographers, artists, professionals and those with particular talents to come and create demonstrations.

We are an open community where the needs of kinksters and those from alternaive lifestyles can be addressed. A safe place where voices can be heard, and a centre of learning and sharing.

We want to create and online repository for video. Sessions and events (with permission) that can be recorded by professionals and uploaded to the community for free so that others can use that information in a positive way.

We want to change the face of all Alt Lifestyles. Driving them into the mainstream, taking away confusion and stigma, allowing anyone anywhere access to proper learning and instruction.

But it’s not just kink. There are several other areas we wish to explore. Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. Are you polyamourous? Are you in an open relationship?  Perhaps your bisexual, pan sexual, gay, or any of the other wonderful denominations that are out there. If so then we want our space to be a safe place to meet up and discuss the interesting diverse nature of these different relationship styles and sexualities. All are welcome.

Are you an expert in a particular field? Looking to help or educate others? Then this is the perfect place to change lives and help people who might be struggling or needing guidance.

The space has the following shiny features:

A proper coffee bar with coffee and soft drinks.

Lounge with lots of soft sofas, seating for approx 20 people.

2 restrooms.

An 800 square foot presentation and demo area, with HD projector. This area can be turned into a cinema as well for presentation videos. Free popcorn provided. Also used as a play space if needed.

A number of pieces of play furniture purchased to order from slave2love as well as a few eclectic pieces that are custom made. (when studio is in “kink” mode)
A full professional photography and video studio set up with professional lighting equipment and cameras.

Free Internet, not just any Internet though. This is a business quality connection running at 100mbs. Easily enough for live multi cam streaming or any other professional use. Allowing demos to use the Internet for anything they desire.

A small kitchen – just in case you get peckish.

On site parking. Lots and lots of free parking. And we mean lots.

Just off the M5, literally 1 minute from junction 23.

There is a hotel – right across the road as well as a fantastic pub with kids play area. A subway, and a Budgens 24 hour petrol station just 200 yards away.

24 hour cctv. For your safety we provide 24 hour cover. This of course can be turned off for “intimate moments”. It’s a closed system and is there for everyone’s safety.

Fully insured. Yes we are fully insured. For you and for us.

**** More on camera equiment.

If you’re looking to provide workshops or talks on photography or videography then we can provide camera equipment. This is all professional equipment used by our photograpy company. Cameras are Canon branded and all of our studio lighting is of the very best quality. Flash heads are available as well as light modifiers and reflectors. We also have “hotlights” for that old school look.

We have 300w cft bulbs, led lighting panels and the old fresnel hotlights as well.

So there you have it. That’s what we want to provide. That the vision for the future and that is what we are all about.