Welcome to Twisted Boudoir / Pink Apple Studios – the home of all things kinky.

We started purely as a photography studio called Pink Apple Studios and quickly blossomed into the first pure BDSM play space and fetish studios in the UK.

Based in the heart of Somerset right next to the M5 we are easily found and have excellent transport links. Twisted Boudoir is a safe space. Drama free, relaxing, and surrounded by the most welcoming and warm people in the community. A space you can be yourself in. A space that you can express yourself in, a space you can truly play and be creative in. A space that provides that little bit of extra.

So what are we all about?

We are a premier fetish photograpy and kink studio. Our aim is to provide a space like no other that is open to all and can be utalised by the kink and fetish communities. We use the space to run workshops, community evenings, provide services, and to benifit the scene as a whole.

Our play space is second to none. we are a fully equipped fetish and photography studio. the list of equipment available is exhaustive. If you want it we have it. From fucking machines to rigging frames, we have it all. there are literaly hundreds of items and props available for your use.

Private hire.

The studio is available to hire privately, costs and information on how to book can be found on our website and it is of course important to read our Terms of Use.
Please feel free to message us with any questions, either on here or email us at info@twistedboudoir.co.uk

Use as a community space.

We are a recognised community space and as such, we would like input from you, the community. If you have any ideas that you’d like to share, please message us, we’d love to hear from you. Do you have an idea for a workshop? Your welcome to host anything you like here, from Fire play to tickling, the space is yours to use. Although we do charge for workshops – we are also the only event/communitty space that pays workshop organisers.

What’s on

Every month we will have a range of social events to attend, workshops, demonstrations and community gatherings.
All of our event listings can be found in our group in a sticky at the top.

How are we different.

This is best explained by saying what we are not. We are not a sex club, or a swingers club. In fact we are simply a collection of people with a common goal. We are a sex positive Fetish Community. We hold events, open evenings workshops and promote being kink and fetish friendly. We are community based and everything we do is focused around this.

Our ongoing mission.

If you have been on the Internet you will have found a wealth of information on BDSM and Alt lifestyles. Some sites are amazing and some not so good. If you have fetlife, you will have discovered the same. But there is a massive, massive problem out there in Internet land. It’s almost impossible to determine what information is useful and what isn’t.

We want to change the face of kink. Driving it into the mainstream, taking away confusion and stigma, allowing anyone anywhere access to proper learning and instruction.

We want to create a safe place – a refuge where people can learn.

The idea was that we became an information and learning centre. Where people can come and learn all about safe practice and the more wonderful side of bdsm and alternative lifestyles.

We want to talk to guest speakers, toy makers, Doms, subs, relationship specialists, Masters, Mistresses, Dommes, creators, photographers, artists, professionals and those with particular talents to come and create demonstrations.

Are you an expert in a particular field? Looking to help or educate others? Then this could the perfect place to change lives and help people who might be struggling or needing guidance.

The Space.

The space has the following features:

A proper coffee bar with coffee and soft drinks. Please note that we are NOT a licenced venue. We do not sell alchohol.

Lounge with lots of soft sofas, seating for approx 30 people.

Play/presentation/workshop space.

An 900 square foot presentation, demo and play space.  and an additional 900 square foot lounge and bar – with masive Live feed TV to the playroom and piano.

Comfortable bar stools, a beautiful shaise lounge which was just made for boudoir photography and a number of photographich nooks for that perfect backdrop.


Speaking of backdrops we have a full size permenent 3m x6m white backdrop for high key and places for your own paper backdrops all in our dedicated photography area.


Customisable lighting and numerous lighting options are available as well as LED video panel, ICE Light and a few small strobes and a wonderful old school freznel hot light for those intimate shots.

Play Furniture.

A number of feature pieces of play furniture. These include our beautuful shinto gate made by House of Eros, a few pieces made by Slave2love, several beautuful custom made benches and cages, and of course our giant suspension frame capable of 4 similtanious ties. We he have a pillory and a torture tower. And lets not forget our fully stocked medical room complete with props and real medical bench.

Free internet and networking.

Free Internet, not just any Internet though. This is a business quality connection running at 100mbs. Easily enough for live multi cam streaming remote shooting with live view.

Free Drinks.

Free drinks at all times. we supply tea, coffee, squashes, cold drinks and flavoured and speciality hot drinks.


On site parking. Lots and lots of free parking.

Where are we?

Just off the M5, literally 1 minute from junction 23.

There are several hotels all wthiin a couple of miles of the studio. – right across the road as well is as a fantastic pub.  A subway a Greggs, and a Budgens 24 hour petrol station just one mile from the studio is another 24hour Asda garage, a KFC McDonalds and a starbucks and another budgens – all of which feature rapid vehicle charing facilities.


24 hour cctv. For your safety we provide 24 hour cover. This of course can be turned off for “intimate moments”. It’s a closed system and is there for everyone’s safety.

Fully insured.

Fully insured. Yes we are fully insured. For you and for us.