Age Restriction

Twisted Boudoir / Pink Apple Studios are an adults only venue. No one under the age of 18 will be admitted. We will require proof of ID before granting any  community membership.

No means NO.

Yes in your dynamic no may mean “oh yes do it again” But here in these walls it means no. Don’t forget that.  Being predatory or harassing anyone will get you removed from the building.

Don’t Touch Without Asking.

Don’t touch unless invited. Period. Anyone found touching in an inappropriate manner will be told to leave the building and will be banned from all other events. Do not assume it is ok even if it was before.

Don’t touch other people’s toys.

People spend a lot of money on their personal toys – it is disrespectful for others to touch them. If you see something that you would like to know more about – then ask the owner at an appropriate time.

Don’t interrupt a scene.

Unless its an emergency, don’t approach a scene. If you have any concerns then please feel free to approach a member of staff. You risk injury to yourself or others by interrupting. 

Be respectful .

Please be respectful to those around you. This includes staff and other players. We do not tolerate disrespectful behaviour. This also goes for areas where there is play going on. Please be respectful and remember that others are in their head space. Also be aware of your surroundings – players have right of way – getting too close risks you being hit by floggers whips etc. 

As a player – also be aware of your surroundings and don’t flail wildly without knowing who and what is around you. 

Don’t hog equipment.

Please be aware that during busy times there may be others waiting to use equipment. We do try to keep things moving, but patience is a virtue. Please do not “book” equipment or an area by leaving stuff on it. If items are left on equipment it will be moved by the staff.

Use of equipment.

While you are here, you may use any of the equipment on display. The management takes no responsibility for injuries that might happen during their use. Any damages are solely your responsibility. We will check all equipment prior to your visit to make sure that any damaged items are removed. Please use all equipment responsibly and ask management if you are not sure how something should be used properly or safely.


Glass must not be taken into the play area under any circumstances. Plastic drinkware is provided free of charge.

Cleaning of Equipment

Cleaning equipment is available in the play space. Anything used or dirty we ask that you leave on the floor. If you use any of the available toys – please leave them in the used items bucket in the main play space.


Any play that requires blood or piercing must be brought to our attention first. This also applies to anything that requires an open flame or bladed instrument. Anyone doing any kind of blood play must be able to dispose of their own sharps safely. We are not licensed for the removal of sharps needles. Please do not share equipment with others during or after a scene without informing management. 

Recording and Photography.

No visual or audio recording can be done in the play area without prior permission. If you are caught, you will be asked to delete any recording that have been made. Repeat offenders will have their equipment disabled and you will be asked to leave.

Sexual play. 

Twisted Boudoir does allow insertables and sexual play at private events only.  These are community members only parties and private bookings. It is up to you to negotiate your own limits – but consent is key. YOU MUST HAVE FULL CONSENT, if you are not sure – don’t do it. It is assault and we will involve the authorities. 

Breath play. 

We do not allow breath play in any form. Accidents happen – its dangerous and difficult to monitor in a play environment. 

SCAT and Messy play. 

We don’t allow it. Please don’t do it.


This club operates under the traffic light system.

Green – happy to continue.

Amber – that’s enough – back off.

RED – Stop. That’s it. No other meaning. Just stop.


This club has no licensed bar.  At some events you may bring your own. Use this in  moderation. All alcohol must be given to the coffee bar staff and you will be served.

While you are playing we expect you to follow a 2 drink maximum. You may drink more if you are not playing. This goes for giving and receiving.

If you become or arrive intoxicated or appear to be incapacitated in any way, we will remove you from the premises or refuse entry. The nature of this environment requires a certain amount of sense and awareness and if you don’t appear to have that, we will ask you to leave. There will be no refunds or expenses paid.

Please be discreet.

You WILL need to, cover yourself up with a coat, etc until you get inside. Lingerie, and fetish gear – especially of a revealing nature should not be worn outside. There are changing facilities available once you’re inside. We are sited in an industrial estate, although we hold most of our events outside normal working hours – others may still be on site. Other companies around do operate CCTV, we have no control of their equipment or what they do with the recordings – remember this.

Smoking / Vaping

As we are a commercial building smoking is not permitted within the space. As we have no covered smoking area, again street clothes are required for daylight hours. 

Vaping is permitted within the space, try to be respectful in the use of E-cigs, Large clouds of vape can be off putting.  


If you are found in the possession of drugs, or offering drugs on the premises you will be banned for life. Drugs of any type will not be tolerated. 


We cannot take responsibility for your kit. Don’t leave your kit unattended and store it in a safe responsible way.