Terms of Hire

Making a booking:

If you would like to make a booking please use the contact us button on this page.  If you wish us to host a party/gathering  – also use the contact us form on the above page.  Please be aware that the studio is available from midday to late Monday to Friday and 10am till late at the weekend.

Please call for our availability.

N.B – in all cases all booking must be paid for at time of booking.  Your enquired date is NOT secure unless payment is made. We ask that all payments be made in advance to avoid disappointment.

If you have to cancel please let us know within 48 hours of the booking. If this is not adhered to then the booking fee will be forfeited. If the cancellation is made in the required time then a new booking can be made within one month of the original date.

All bookings can be paid by bank transfer, payment link or via Paypal. We accept all major Credit and Debit cards as well.

We generally do not accept “on the day” bookings. Occasionally we may accept allow this under exceptional circumstances otherwise all bookings must be made in advance.

We request that you arrive promptly to your booking as time cannot be added on to make up for lateness. This is so that we do not inconvenience customers that book after you. Please contact us if you are delayed or have issues.

We won’t cancel your booking – but if we do, we will provide you with a full refund.

Use of the Studio:

If you are intoxicated or appear to be incapacitated in any way, we will remove you from the premises. The nature of this environment requires a certain amount of sense and awareness and if you don’t appear to have that, we will ask you to leave. There will be no refunds or expenses paid.

Any play that requires blood or piercing must be brought to our attention first. This also applies to anything that requires an open flame or bladed instrument.

Visual or audio recording can be done in the play area with prior permission. This is only during private bookings. 

If you are renting the studio for professional use – please make sure that you have up to date PLI and Third Party Insurance. We may ask for this. The studio itself is fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity. Be aware that we cannot insure equipment that is not ours. Please make sure that your own insurance covers this. 


This is an adult environment and as such we ask that all bookings are made by adults. If we believe that a person is too young to be involved in an activity, we will ask for proof of age. If this cannot be provided we will ask them to leave.

If you are hiring the studio professionally we ask that you age verify all persons brought into the premises.

Care and breakages:

If during your visit to the studio there are any breakages, these will be the responsibility of the hirer. All breakages and damage must be paid for.

During your hire period you may use any of the equipment on display. The management take no responsibility for injuries that might happen during their use. Any damages are solely your responsibility.

We will check all equipment prior to your visit to make sure that any damaged items are removed.

Please use all equipment responsibly and ask management if you are not sure how something should be used properly or safely.

Glass must not be taken into the play area under any circumstances. Plastic and paper cups are provided.

Cleaning equipment is available in the play space.

Anything used or dirty we ask that you leave on the floor or in the baskets provided.

Safe Sane and Consensual:

We ask that all activity carried out in the studio be negotiated before hand.
Any Consensual-Non-consent play must be brought to the attention of the management before play commences.
If we believe that play is non consensual we will ask you to leave and will refer to authorities.

This applies to all “edge play” activities. Please let us know first.

This studio adheres to the traffic light safe word system. But if we believe that play is reaching an unsafe level then management may step in and pause play to verify.

Staff will be present at all public events and will be close by during private bookings.


The play area is monitored by Closed Circuit Television. This is a private system and is available only to the management. This system is there for your safety and will never be published or reproduced unless it’s to proper authorities to aid in the investigation of a crime.

We are ICO registered.

As we are not licenced for alchohol sales and don’t sell alcohol, CCTV is not a legal requirement for us.

Therefore it can be turned off during private bookings. If you require this please request it.